“The new system also enables doubled ultrasonic power, compared to earlier variants, with the process chamber designed to hold four ultrasonic rods, which can be single or mixed frequency, depending on the contamination targeted."

A key area of improvement in the systems is the configuration of machine components, making maintenance simpler and more efficient. The latest layout mounts the pumps and heaters to the top of the solution tanks, meaning easier maintenance. For example, a heater change now has a turnaround of 30 minutes rather than four hours, as there is no longer the requirement to drain, refill and reheat the tank.

“The drainage of the rinse tank can now be completed much quicker through a wider outlet, so this process is far more efficient than it was previously,” Pattison says.

The MWX400 has been shipped to various companies who are all looking for higher wash quality in an industry that is raising the bar for finer tolerances and surface finish of machined components.

Andy Carnell, project manager at Swiftool, said of the firm’s MWX system last year: “Our existing washing system was not cleaning well enough. We needed to surpass the standards that not only we expected, but what our clients demanded.”

Mike Gandy, senior manufacturing engineer at HUSCO, said: “All of our parts must be free from contamination before they reach the assembly line when even the smallest levels of contamination can have significant long-term effects. The MecWash machines are renowned within the hydraulic industry for achieving high cleanliness, which is the main reason we continue to invest in MecWash technology.”

Other improvements in the latest machine include an integrated bund with a flood warning sensor as standard, a common requirement in many modern factories.

Another crucial enhancement is the integration of technology. The system is wired using Profinet and I/O link modules, and includes an integrated eWon router. This enables remote access capable of diagnostics and enhancements at granular level, including reprogramming an individual sensor.

Building in new intelligent sensing, the company has created a specialist data collection and management process that is now included as standard in MecWash cleaning systems. These bespoke parts facilitate remote servicing, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, maintenance and management of MecWash cleaning systems.